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Game News

Welcome to the new Altered Ego website!

Altered Ego is an Everquest II guild on the Unrest server.  We are a family guild that is raiding with Shard Collectors when they have room and working on our Mythical updates.  We will start hosting a X2 raid on every Wed night as long as it doesnt get to be too much for our members.

Nice Job one the website Touren!



Mentaly, May 27, 10 11:36 PM.
Gratz all on killing the first named in the Final Destruction x2 zone.  Will post more later just figure should post on website we are still alive lol.


Mentaly, Oct 7, 09 3:26 PM.
Starting this Wed we will be raiding X4 with Forged Alliance, Shards and other pickups.  We are going to start with Shard of Hate and other simliar zones to try and farm some gear and maybe get some masters.   We will concentrate our Wed night raiding on this and hoping soon we might have a decent steady X4 force going.

I hope to progress through the lower zones like SoH, Thuurg and other lower zones and maybe we can kill levi sometime soon.  We will see how it goes and how well we do tonight and then we will know alot better.  I will cordinate our raids so they dont mess with our raids with shards and so we get the most our of what we can.  

On another night of the week we will do WoE with Flioroem and the group he brings if people can be on and want too.   I know this will make raiding 4 nights a week and is abit much but when you cant or dont want to just dont have to join and no worries.  I was just trying to get us something to do besides farm Tso zones its kinda getting old here but want feedback for sure from everyone about what you think about it all lol.

Thanks Mentaly


Protectors Realm Cleared

Mentaly, Aug 6, 09 10:55 AM.
Thanks all for coming to the Protectors Realm raid Wed Aug 5th.   This was the first Altered Ego alliance raid and think it went well.  We appreciate the help from everyone that came and hope you had a good time.

We got some people's myth updates, some loots to sale and cleared the zone.  This was our first x4 hosted raid so that makes me happy.  It was alot of peoples first time in the zone and only my second so still had alot to learn.  I am sure the next time we hit the zone for a master farm round and maybe some gear it will go alot cleaner and faster.

We will try to do another zone soon and I will post when we have another target.  I will be talking to everyone and finding out who needs what for there first myth updates and we will try to get all those done.  I want to focus on getting all the easy Myth updates done while we try to see what kinda force we have.  Once we gain some strength and have consistent numbers we will focus on harder targets.

Thanks Mentaly

WoE x2 raid

Mentaly, May 29, 09 3:58 PM.
This Wed we did the X2 raid again and I think it went pretty well.  We are learning how to clear the trash mobs without having so many deaths and its getting easyier everytime we do it. 

The first name was a push over and droped a mold and some cruddy 2her bah but we got him on the first try which was alot better then the last 2 times we have did the zone.

The Second name was also much easyier this time we got our postioning right and droped him in the first try.  That fight is all about postioning the raid in the right spot and I think we have that figured out really well.

The Third named has been abit more of a challenge but we did get him to 12 % the last try.  We learned that a pet pull or someone else pulling him is the way to go to keep the curse off of the MA first off.  I think the next time we try the zone he will be a challenge no more.

Thanks for everyone putting up with all the deaths in figuring out these mobs.  We will get better and hopefully soon we will have another named on our list in there to farm for gear upgrades.

Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors

Touren Blackguard, Mar 9, 09 8:57 PM.
Last night we decided to poke our little toes into the Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors for the first time.  Frogloks, minotaur, and gargoyles!  Oh my!
First up was a undead froglok lord, Krell Vruup.   Well, Krell saw us coming and called all his little undead froglok buddies!  That was a surprise.  So, of course we killed all his friends first, and then Krell.  He got his revenge though by dropping ranger shoulders, Black Enameled Chain Shoulders.   Stupid frogloks.
Next up was a minotaur, Aruze Vleese.  This minotaur was no push over, but down he went and coughed up a Black Enameled Talisman.  Grats to Souliss on his new shiny bracelet.
Then it was time to climb the floating platforms... LOL   I'm still giggling about that one.  Souliss entertainment at it's best.  Dang I'm sorry that I forget to get screenshots!
Last up was Gorscha Gahh.  This meany would randomly target a group member for a while and refuse to be taunted.  Kinda rough on the robes, wouldn't ya say, Mentaly?  Unfortunately we ran out of time before teaching this guy a lesson.  Until next time, Gorscha Gahh.

Altered Ego Has a New Address!

System, Mar 9, 09 7:03 PM.
Altered Ego has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Touren Blackguard, Mar 9, 09 2:26 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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